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Welcome to Moseycode

This website currently exists for the purpose of allowing anyone to register their own Moseycode barcode IDs and populate their own barcodes. In time the site should grow to accommodate many other functions, but that's what it does now.

A screen-grab of Moseycode in action.

Moseycode was inspired by, and is initially targetted at, the capabilities of the Android mobile phone platform. It is being developed with openness in mind; all technical specifications and documentation are public and freely implementable; as the code base matures all key parts will be released under suitable open source licences.

More information about the licencing of Moseycode is now available.

What is Moseycode?

Moseycode is an experimental new barcode system for handheld devices. It provides an interactive bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

It has been designed from the ground-up to be:

  • open and free to use,
  • operable on mobile devices,
  • fun and provide realtime interaction for users,
  • influenced by the facilities and architecture by the Android platform,
  • flexible; allowing anyone to publish their own mosey coded content,
  • put to practical uses including authentication and labelling and real-time tracking.